I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

When we first moved into our new house over a year ago, it was pretty clear this was the party house for all the cats in the neighborhood. We still see a few of them roaming around, but one of them hasn’t come around in a really long time, and it’s funny how much I miss seeing him. Here is a video I shared last April of the orange cat.

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

The kids and I still talk about the orange cat. I always tell them I hope he found a nice new home somewhere, but given we’re surrounded by woods, he most likely met an unfortunate death. We still don’t know who the cat belonged to; we saw him most around our neighbor’s house, but they said he wasn’t theirs. If I wasn’t allergic, we may have just adopted him ourselves.

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

Yes, he’s laying in this bird bath / fountain. And no, he doesn’t live there.

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

Waiting in the shadows. He was always hunting birds. Of all the other cats around here, none of them had the same fire for catching birds. Alas, I never saw him catch one.

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

This bush was recently cut down because it was attracting way too many stinging insects, but if orange cat was still around, I think I could’ve dealt with it a bit longer. Look at him sitting there. How is he doing that? Those aren’t tree limbs; they’re small, weak shrubs.

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

This isn’t the best quality picture, but occasionally I’d hear something outside and investigate, and there he’d be.

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

Just look at that sweet face.

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange CatI Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

Relaxing in our backyard like he lived here. And I just got a little sad because these were the last pictures I had of the orange cat, which was in June of last year. The next pictures I have of cats around here are vastly different:

I Miss the Neighborhood Orange Cat

Yes, this piece of shit is taking a shit in my front yard, whilst looking me dead in the eyes. Alpha move. I’d be willing to bet the orange cat never shit in my yard, out of respect of our mutual, unspoken friendship. He made me laugh, and in return I let him hunt on my property.

We miss you orange cat. Wherever you are, I hope the birds are slow and plentiful.

*Bonus video of cats just being cats and having fun


Crazy Cat Neighbor – Nameless Orange Cat

Fair warning: if cats aren’t your thing, then the video posted here is 4 minutes too long (it’s 4 minutes long). Given that I’m sharing it with you, it’s understood I thought it was hilarious. Am I a crazy cat neighbor? Well, I stood in my window recording a nameless orange cat, so I have my answer.

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