Crazy Cat Neighbor – Nameless Orange Cat

Fair warning: if cats aren’t your thing, then the video posted here is 4 minutes too long (it’s 4 minutes long). Given that I’m sharing it with you, it’s understood I thought it was hilarious. Am I a crazy cat neighbor? Well, I stood in my window recording a nameless orange cat, so I have my answer.

The lady who owned our house before us had several cats, and always left food outside for the neighborhood cats. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you may recall some posts a few months ago of cats stalking us through our front windows. I’ll probably share those eventually, as I just realized I’ve taken 46 pictures of these cats since we moved here.

They don’t try to rush into our house as much anymore, but they definitely come and go in our yard as they please. I thought it would bother me a little, but it’s been quite the opposite. These cats are hilarious.

I’ve counted five or six different cats on our street, and it’s pretty clear they are all well acquainted with each other. The only downside is our two small dogs bark at pretty much any sound outside or anyone/anything walking by the window. But the upside is getting videos like this:

Man he wanted that bird. And make no mistake, that bird was taunting the hell out of this cat. He sat on that branch the whole time, just chirp chirp chirping.

I was walking by our front window a few weeks ago, and look outside to find this:

Crazy Cat Neighbor Nameless Orange Cat Crazy Cat Neighbor Nameless Orange Cat

This bush/shrub/tree/whatever-the-hell-it-is sits right next to the tree he was climbing in the video. It’s particularly hilarious to me because the branches in this shrub are weak, so I don’t know how the heck he’s sitting comfortably on top of it. Those leaves are prickly too, so how is he sitting there? And he was chilling for a while, spotting that elusive bird.

He’s actually a sweet cat. I catch him sitting on top of our car or trash can all the time, and he’ll run up to me and do that rub-on-your-leg thing cats do. He, or one of his friends, was also nice enough to shit underneath the car too, so that was great. I have no clue what his name is, and I’m not 100% sure which house he belongs to. But he keeps me entertained.


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