Mullet, I Hardly Knew Thee

Mullet, I Hardly Knew Thee

When I initially started this blog, I envisioned writing something new at least on a weekly basis. What I didn’t expect was to go from August to November and post exactly nothing, especially about the mullet. Yikes.

There is no question I’ve always been a selectively lazy person, but throw in the energy required to take care of two small children all day, getting sick on a weekly basis for unknown reasons, and dealing with depression, it’s been a bit rough. Also somewhat conflicting, because all I really want to do is joke around, but often I’m in a mood that makes it very difficult to express it.

(Insert Funny Mullet Pun Here)

When I thought about growing my hair into a mullet, I wanted to post regular updated pictures because I thought it’d be funny to see it getting longer each week or month, but obviously that didn’t happen. Instead, I hope you enjoy this incredibly ridiculous collection of pictures taken by a wonderful photographer, as a send-off to the mullet. My hair bothered me more than I anticipated, so it had to go. Also, I’m quite certain I was scaring off other human beings, young and old. But before we cut it, I couldn’t not treat my mullet to a series of provocative pieces of digital art, so we can all remember it fondly.

We took a lot of pictures, and rather than bog down one post with an insane amount of pictures loading, I’m splitting them up into separate posts. This is just a taste. You know those awful, junk, click-bait ads on basically any website you visit? I have a feeling I’m gonna see myself on one of those eventually with a headline “Do You Know Your Neighbors?”



Mullet, I Hardly Knew Thee
Body definition of this caliber should be against the law


Mullet, I Hardly Knew Thee
I am wearing underwear, so if you ever visit, feel free to sit in this chair


Mullet, I Hardly Knew Thee
Expecting a cease and desist from Alabama any minute now…

Mullet Watch 2017 – 2 Months and Growing Over Hair

Mullet Watch 2017 - 2 Months and Growing Over Hair

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