Tua Helper

Jessika and I have an agreement not to eat certain foods when we’re both in the house. She doesn’t eat pickles, and I don’t eat canned peas and Tuna Helper. Last week I had a rare moment of being alone in the house, and the running joke is that anytime that happens, it’s Tuna Helper time. But it has to be the cheesy pasta one; anything else is unacceptable. After I make it, I immediately wash all dishes involved and spray the kitchen with whatever air freshener is in the house.

In the middle of preparing this delicacy, I saw the word “tuna” and thought of “Tua,” and instantly had in my head all of this ridiculous information you see on this image. And because Jessika is so talented and I’m no graphic designer, I drew up a rough image and asked if she could put it together. If the goal here was to make myself laugh, mission accomplished, because I think it’s hilarious, and she managed to create it exactly as I had imagined it.

For those who aren’t college football fans, this is Tua Tagovailoa, quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide, winners of the 2018 National Championship game. That was probably the most intense game I’ve ever watched Alabama play. And apparently I almost hit my head on the ceiling fan after the last play. These old man knees still have a little spring in them.

Roll Tide, and here’s to more helpings of both Tua Helper and Tuna Helper in the future.