Crockpot Pineapple BBQ Chicken (Or Recipe For Your Post-Easter Ham Coma)

I’ve never been much of a cook. I can’t think for myself when it comes to food. If there’s a recipe, usually I can follow it, and I’ll read it 146 times before I’m done. It’s admirable for anyone who can think up elaborate recipes on their own. Sometimes I’ll search for meal ideas and find something that looks good but has waaaay too many steps. I’m lazy, I need something easy to follow and the least amount of work possible. This crockpot pineapple BBQ chicken is one of those meals.

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Cookies The Size Of Your Head

Wish I could remember where I saw it, most likely a gif file on Twitter, but there was a cookie recipe that resembled S’mores by putting marshmallows and chocolate chips in the middle. We already have an awesome cookie recipe that we call in our house “Clayton’s mom’s cookies.” Other than the cookies my grandma made as a kid, these are the best cookies. Continue reading “Cookies The Size Of Your Head”

It’s Shook and Cook, and I Assisted! Cereal Edition

Why in the world have I ever wanted to try this? I mean, obviously I’ve been a life-long cereal fiend. Frankly me eating a bowl of cereal could be classified as assault and battery; I don’t mess around. But cereal-coated chicken? I don’t have any idea whether someone else has tried this. I didn’t bother Googling it. It wouldn’t have deterred me either way, because I had to experience it myself. Continue reading “It’s Shook and Cook, and I Assisted! Cereal Edition”